Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Twitterview with artist Corinna Spencer


 Corinna Spencer destined for great things, (2012) oil on found postcard, 11.5x17cm
from the series Jesse James

 Today I conducted an interview on Twitter with the artist Corinna Spencer. Corinna is a UK based artist who is interested in the fragments of stories that can be found in images from the past, and then makes series of paintings from them. Her work has been shown nationally, including Transition Gallery in London. I wanted to interview her, not only because I see similarities between her work and my own, but also because Corinna is an artist who seems to be excellent at using social networking to connect with other artists, as well as galleries and organisations. For this reason I thought that Twitter was the perfect method in which to conduct an interview with her! 

@BuffyDismorr  can you tell me a bit about your 326 project? It looks really interesting!

@Corr_ I can, I am reading about Wallis Simpson at the moment at the same time as making work about Edwards obsession with her.

@BuffyDismorr ooo - and will that involve 326 paintings of her?

@Corr_ yes it will, it is very simply the number of days he was on the thrown before he could abdicate to be with her.

@BuffyDismorr Do you have any idea of how you would like to present work once you have finished the series?

@Corr_ either in small groups or as a whole. Right now though I am making work in groups.

@BuffyDismorr 326 is just one of your many projects which involves looking at characters from history. What inspires you so much about the past?

@Corr_ I like looking at old pictures, I like projecting my own stories/feelings onto them. Telling stories generally is nice.

@BuffyDismorr Most of my work is inspired by old pics 2. Some of your wrk like Moss Haired Girls is quite gothic. Whats ur favourite gothic novel?

@Corr_ Im not mad keen on gothic novels. But if you could suggest one to change my mind I will try it :) 

@BuffyDismorr I was thinking of Victorian ones - Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are certainly my faves! Northanger Abbey is a parody but good!

@Corr_ Wuthering heights I did read recently and did like. Jane Eyre I have tried a couple of times and failed. But oh, the film :))))

@BuffyDismorr  Can you describe your studio to me? Does its appearance reflect your practice?

@Corr_ I don't have a studio as such, it's in the corner of my kitchen, an easel and a table.

@BuffyDismorr Is the table neat or filled with ephemera like my painting table?! 

@Corr_ haha it's a mess, paintings, postcards, paint all the normal stuff. S.O is very good about it.

@Corr_   :) http://lockerz.com/s/218403626

@BuffyDismorr That is exactly the same as mine! What's the best painting show you've seen recently?

@Corr_  ha, good :) I liked Malerie because it surprised me, perfect nude and obituaries. But I haven't seen many purely painting....

@BuffyDismorr Many artists are now using social media as a way of promoting their shows and their work. You seem to be v good at it. Any tips?!

@Corr_ uh oh one of my fav subjects. I love twitter but its a lot more than promo. It's more of a community for support, fun and..

@Corr_ keeping in touch with people I wouldn't be able to otherwise. For me it's a lovely place to be not use. If that makes sense :)

@BuffyDismorr If you weren't an artist, what would be?

@Corr_ an actor. 

You can find out more about Corinna Spencer by looking at her website

And feel free to follow her on Twitter at @Corr_

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