Sunday, 10 June 2012

"TRY IT...You'll Like It" UWE MA Final Show opening

On Friday night it was the opening of my MA final show, which was held at Motorcade/FlashParade gallery in Bedminster, Bristol. I was nervous before the show, as so much work had been placed, not only into the work exhibited, but also marketing and fundraising for the show itself. I was scared that the opening would be poorly attended and that our work would be badly received. However, the night was a great success, with a lot of people turning up. 

In terms of our work being exhibited at Motorcade/FlashParade, the space worked really well for us. We had only two days to curate and install the show on the Monday and Tuesday, but despite this we managed to put together a slick exhibition. I was lucky with the placement of the three pieces I showed - 'The New Girl, I', 'The New Girl II' and my latest piece 'Mill Girls'. My paintings were placed in the manner I wanted, with a good deal of space around them. I was really happy with the way they appeared in the show. 

I am writing this post on the Sunday after and am invigilating at the space from 12 till 6. So far 34 people have turned up, which isn't bad at all, considering it's a horrible rainy day!

My piece 'Mill Girls' (2012)

Installation shot showing Seila Fernandez Arconada 'Home' (2012) in the foreground

Tommy Cha's film piece 'Going Somewhere' (2012)

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