Hello there! 

I'm a Bristol based artist and have just finished my MA in Fine Art at Bristol UWE. My first degree was in History and Archaeology at Exeter University. I create small paintings which I then form together to create a final piece. All of my work involves women and the past. 

I wanted to start this blog as I was terrified about leaving my MA and going into the scary 'Art World' alone. I wanted to chart my progress, using the blog as a way of doing it. I also wanted this site to be a place where I can interview other artists, promote artist run organisations, review exhibitions I've been to, as well as general commentary on the art world in general and what it's like being an emerging artist in recession torn Britain today! I believe strongly that artists should support each other, not only by going to each others shows, but helping promote each other too. 

Thank you for visiting my blog, and please feel free to follow and leave comments! 

Elizabeth (Buffy for short) Dismorr 

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  1. Hi,

    First of all I wanted to say I had a browse through your posts and really loved your art style from your exhibition, I felt very inspired myself by your work.

    Secondly, I was considering applying for an MA in fine art at UWE myself, after having such a passion for art throughout school and sixth form however, I went on to do a computing degree (Because I felt the pressure to get a job at the end.) and unfortunately didn't really enjoy it and equally didn't achieve a first which I saw was stated in the entry requirements.

    I was hoping to get a portfolio together and return to university to study something I am actually passionate about but I was very unsure what to expect with the course. (I haven't been able to attend an open day yet.)

    I just wondered first of all if you knew how comfortable the university were with considering applicants who had not completed a degree in art/art related fields. Secondly if it is possible for me to apply, did UWE have a preferred style or theme? As one thing I learned from my previous university was that if your lecturers weren't interested in your work it was very difficult to receive support or guidance, so I would want to be sure my work would suit UWE's tastes.

    Sorry for such a long message, woops!