Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Studio

My studio is currently in a spare room in my house. It doubles up as a laundry room and a place to store stuff. However, my table sits by the French windows, giving some light, along with a rather wobbly vintage 70's lamp. The space is extremely cold in winter, and I sit huddled over the table in layers of knitwear, the smell of white spirit and oils penetrating my nostrils. On and around the table are my tools of the trade (oil paints, watercolours, brushes etc) various old postcards that I collect, art books and magazines, rejected pieces of art and work in progress. It is messy, but whenever I go in to work there I find my self escaping from whatever else life is throwing at me and create some work (whether the work is good or bad is another matter!). 

Work in progress for a project I'm doing on Bletchley Park

I have a penchant for Victorian dolls. The other one I made some years ago.

The table, and one of my cats

The studio doubles up as a laundry and storage room!

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