Monday, 28 May 2012

Artist Statement

I recently wrote my artist statement. I found it really difficult to sum up my practice, but after quite a lot of re-reading and re-writing, I did it! Here it is: 

"My practice is rooted in exploring the social sphere of women in English history, particularly during the nineteenth century. Photography, illustrations and descriptions from historical texts are often used as the basis of the imagery which is then repeated and reconfigured to form collections of small paintings.  The women in my work are often alone or in pairs, staring vacantly out to the viewer or involved in their own activities in a world strangely void of men."

Despite finding it a pain to write, I think it was a useful exercise, not only because when entering competitions you often need to submit an artist statement, but it was also useful for me to see my practice summed up concisely.  

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